About the Centre

At Yorketown Community Children’s Centre we feel that Early Childhood Education and Care is not just about learning, it is much, much more. It’s about loving and caring for our children and raising them in the best possible way.

We are passionate about valuing each child’s sense of Belonging, Being and Becoming (as described in the Early Years Learning Framework).


For children this means:

  • A sense of belonging within a family, community, and culture
  • A sense of being, a right to be who they are, a right to enjoy their particular age or stage of development
  • A sense of becoming, a sense of the endless possibilities of the future


For Yorketown Community Children’s Centre this means:

  • developing secure respectful and reciprocal relationships with children
  • forming strong partnerships with families and the community
  • developing a secure environment
  • having positive and realistic expectations of each child
  • respecting equity and diversity in all its forms
  • engaging in learning and reflective practice

Our Philosophy

Family and community feedback about our pervious philosophy, indicated that it was too long and that it did not accurately reflect our centre values and beliefs. This year we have introduced an interim philosophy statement, based upon the question “In one word, describe what early childhood means to you”. The answers given by educators, community members, families and children have been created into a wordle (see photo), to display what early childhood means to the Yorketown Community Children’s Centre community.

Our Guiding Statement

‘Children are encouraged to develop to their full potential within a safe, caring and supportive environment, that recognises families as the child’s first teacher and acknowledges the strong links between children, their culture and their community’